$20 for You, $20 for a Friend

Client Referral Discounts!

We are grateful for our clients -- your trust in us does not go un-noticed.   We are lucky that you have chosen Veterinary Services of Westwood (VSW) to care for your pets and hope you will continue to recommend us to your family and friends.

To thank you and to help our pet clinic provide loving care to even more cats and dogs, for a limited time if you refer someone to become a client at Veterinary Services of Westwood, we'll give your friend $20 off their first-time office visit and also give you a $20 credit off your next office visit

Why wait?  Give your friends a call and tell us how they can save $20!  

Why wait?  Give your friends a call and tell us how they can save $20!  

The program is simple -- now through December 31, download this Referral Card, or pick one up at our clinic.  Give the card to a friend and when s/he brings the form to their first visit we will discount their office visit and give you a credit on your account.

Act now:  the forms will be available until the end of the year, but we will honor the referral discount for appointments made through February 2017 (if the program is a success, we'll consider making it a permanent promotion!).

If you have questions, please call us at 781-686-9337 or email us at info@vetsofwestwood.com.

We are grateful for your loyalty.  Thank you!

 -- Carolyn Thorne, DVM

Download the Referral Card:  PDF version or JPG version

*Not to be combined with other offers